December 14, 2010
"Fuck you, because you eating that sandwich does not answer my fucking question."

— Amber

December 9, 2010
"You are NOT Salvador Dali. You do not have an ant eater; shut the fuck up."

— Antoinette Forstall (via stained-glass-skies)

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December 7, 2010
"take your bible, make you cry."

— f

December 3, 2010

Anonymous said: Who started this? It is excellent.

your mom. she said the same thing.

December 3, 2010

Anonymous said: The Log is online now? Indeed behold the marvel and horror of The Internet Age.

prior to the great log ban of 2009, a temporary and informal online log has been instituted until further notice.

December 2, 2010
"I’m just. Fascinated by this corner. It’s better than a trainwreck. It’s like a helicopter crashing into a whale."

— Liz (, on the corner cubicle (via catspawsandsharksteeth)

December 2, 2010
"I work better horizontally…"

— Sarah Hendley (via catspawsandsharksteeth)

December 2, 2010
"Amber: I need a wide-open space…where nobody’s going to walk in…and some tools.
Tyler: Tools?!
Amber: Shut up, you would like it."

December 2, 2010

— Brookes

December 2, 2010
"You are not the Critique God. I am the Critique Goddess and you are Critique Satan."

— Amber, to Tyler (via sakariparadox)

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